Wedding Dresses

There are various kinds of wedding dresses for the bride and groom for their big day. Each and every tradition follows a different kind of dress code and each ensemble is fabulous and absolutely sumptuous. When we say wedding, the most popular kind of dress is gown and tuxedo. Now, times have changed and so have the preferences for the bride and groom.

An ensemble is not just about the dress; it is accessories, which are adorned by the bride. When it’s a Christian wedding, it is quite obvious that there is a special ensemble for the bridesmaid and the best man. Bridal gowns have their own specialty with intricate design and the tiara too.

When we consider the Indian tradition, then there is gold weaved saree, a 9-yard saree, and there is a list of varieties which is worn by the bride. The bride and the groom are the showstoppers and it is important that they complement each other with the best ensemble specially designed and made for the couple. Wedding dresses are the most special part of the wedding and it has to be picture perfect.